About us

About us

The RevenueMindz team consists of people with at least 15 years experience in different roles within the commercial and/ or IT domain. For example, we have a lot of in-house knowledge when it comes to drawing up and executing commercial strategies, building teams, guiding digital transitions, innovation and proposition development, go-to-market processes, etc.

From a number of leadership roles, we have worked with various business models, both B2B and B2C, always looking to improve the team and business results. This experience has been valuable for several years in the assignments we carry out for our customers.

Within the domain of commercial strategy and execution, we have built up a specialization in the field of Revenue Management. We use our many years of business and IT experience at Transavia and within other industries to do this. Customers in various industries are thus enabled to generate optimal income from a (more or less) static offer. In all cases, this has led to double-digit increase in turnover.

In a number of our processes it comes to implementation of various IT tooling In that context, we work together with a number of permanent (non-exclusive) partners;
Anaglyphic for BI and Revenue Management systems
Red Data for data solutions and booking tools

Our approach

To achieve successful change, it is important to come to the right understanding of the challenge. We do this by validating, structuring and placing the challenges in the right perspective in co-creation with a joint team, with a fixed rhythm and cadence. On that basis, we set to work to achieve concrete results.

Implementation approachFor the implementation of revenue management, we start with a scan of the current commercial business operations, processes, data and IT systems. We record the results in an action plan with a value case, so that a sound decision can be made about the rollout. The rollout is not a linear process, because the organization has to build up experience with the system. That is why a pilot of several months is often started. After this, Revenue Management is rolled out in the organization. This is the starting point for the growth of Revenue Management. Growth is created by applying Revenue Management. It leads to experience and insights. Insights into how Revenue Management can add even more value.

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