Revenue Management

Revenue Management: A method to grow your commercial business in a structured and data-driven way!

The facets of Revenue Management

Many companies with perishable inventory (airplane seats, hotel beds, parking lots, media assets) can increase their turnover by selling the entire inventory. Revenue optimization occurs when inventory is sold at different prices, responding to market demand and customer specific needs.

Revenue Management, a method that has been elevated to an art form in aviation over the past half century, continues. It is the collection of policies, processes, skills and organizational structure. Based on this, it is possible to make the right interventions. This with the aim of targeting the commercial organization and having the right action taken.

Revenue Management provides insight into the current commercial situation. To then determine how you can achieve an optimal result given the (price) policy and expected demand. The starting point is the right price, for the right customer, in the right channel at the right time.

Some Revenue Management tactics that may be of interest to your company:

  • Optimize the sales process by applying dynamic price optimization and showing real-time in an e-commerce environment or displaying B2B tool
  • Put Revenue Management at the heart of your business by partnering the Revenue Management team with Marketing and Sales
  • Tapping into new target groups by also making your offer directly bookable online

The success of Revenue Management is measured by the development of the occupancy rate and the price per unit. This development is compared with historical and future developments, budget targets and trends in the market. Would you like to learn more?Let us know! Or read this insight.

Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Price Optimization

Create dynamic price optimization by combining the pricing policy with availability data, historical sales data, forecast and market demand.

Sales process optimization
Optimized sales process

Based on the inventory system and the revenue management platform, the sales process can be standardized and made suitable for omni-channel sales, including the direct channel.

Dynamic template
Dynamic Quote Optimization

Automatically generate the right quote with the right price based on the customer’s specific questions and available stock.

Dashboard Analytics
Data analytics & insights

Actionable insights from all different perspectives of commercial operations in sub seconds. Analyze all aspects of capacity, sales and revenue development to develop the right commercial activities with the marketing, sales or digital teams. With the aim of increasing the size and quality of the turnover.

Revenue Forecasting
Revenue Forecasting

Based on historical and current capacity, realized sales and expected market demand, you have insight into the future occupancy rate and price development.